How I Lost Weight and Kept it Off!

Long term and sustainable weight loss solution

Hi everyone, Merrell here! All my life, I have struggled with weight management, I have mostly been overweight growing up and ended up struggling in sports as well as being slightly socially out of place! I am around 5’5” (165 cm) and used to weigh 75 kg (BMI: 27.9) on average over the past few years.

On multiple separate occasions, I managed to lose some weight by running and going on crash diets, only to regain the weight as fat and put on more weight than I initially had. It was a very frustrating experience to go through this cycle of weight-loss and gradual weight-gain over time. Being in the dark and not knowing who to turn to or where to search for more information was one of the causes that lead me to just accept the fact that I may struggle for the rest of my life with weight management.

So what changed…

It was not until I came across a health program while in Singapore, the health program approached all aspects of health and diet holistically and provided me with the “Know-How” of proper weight management (not only did I learnt about the proper way to lose weight, but I was also given insights on how to sustain weight loss on the long run). I managed to lose 18kg in total over a period of 4 months and maintained the weight at 60kg thereafter (BMI of 21). In addition, I wanted to make sure I was not losing water or muscle weight, hence, I tracked my progress using the Karada body composition scan, which gives me an indication of my weight, body fat, visceral fat, resting metabolic rate, and muscle mass. 

This website will be about sharing my experience and tips on how to lose weight (and gain muscle mass) effectively, keep it off and still be able to eat the things you enjoy eating!

I have helped numerous individuals change their lifestyle and adopt a healthier diet, exercise, and nutrition intake habit. It is hard work, it takes a lot of discipline and dedication, there are some that failed; but for those that were willing to educate themselves, to change their habits, they achieved outstanding sustainable weight loss results like I did!

My ultimate goal is to connect with as many fellow friends who had similar struggles as I had and hope that I can share my experience and knowledge about effectively losing weight and how to keep it off!

If you reside in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, or the United States, and you are serious and determined about losing weight fast, and learning the right methods to sustain the weight loss, take action now and email me at, I will be glad to have a chat and share more about the 8-week health program that I have been on.

I want to help more people via this website or in person, and my goal is to have more people who could enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle, look and feel great all the time, and enjoy life to the max!


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