Sustainable Weight Loss Diets, is this Possible?

To sustain your weight loss, DIET is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT! It is harder to maintain a healthy diet over a long period of time compared to sticking to an exercise regimen. But it is crucial that you make a healthy diet a — HABIT! Otherwise, any amount of exercise will not make a difference!… READ MORE


All About Protein in Your Diet

1.Why is protein important in our diet? Protein can be broken down further into amino acids, which is essential for the body to utilize to repair cells and generate new ones. In simplistic terms, it is considered the building block of our human body. Protein is needed for cell growth, especially in growing children and… READ MORE


How does a High-Protein Diet Work in Your Body?

1. How does a high-protein diet work? A high-protein diet is typically coupled with a low-carbohydrate intake. Hence, up takers tend to think they can consume as much protein as they like to. Quite the contrary claims some nutritionist: A plan to lose weight should be a combination of 1) Healthy intake of good protein… READ MORE


How to Keep Weight Off with Diet and Exercise?

There is no easy short-cut to this. Bottom-line. With your diet, you have to keep away from sweet items, deep-friend food, and any high-fat content food served at home or if you are eating out. The fact about sweet food and any of the aforementioned items above, is that no matter if it is one-single… READ MORE


How to Keep Weight Off with Having a Strong and Determined Mind set?

Have a strong mind-set: The focus on the topic above is “Keeping Weight Off” with diet and exercises. I have met quite a few people that have been through the “See-Saw” weight loss process, these folks are able to lose weight initially, but what they do not realize is that they may be losing water… READ MORE


What Happens if You Consumed too much Protein without Exercising?

There are a few things that could actually happen if one is to consume an excess amount of protein. This is why a high-protein diet should be coupled with a well-planned resistance exercise routine. Generally, an excess of protein will be stored as fat (you DON’T want this!). Therefore, the first and foremost effect you… READ MORE


My Top 3 Recommended Chicken Recipes For a Healthy Diet

Hello again, many times in the past, I had associated a healthy diet with food items and choices that tastes bland and at times, seem boring. I often find myself asking, where is the joy in life if I were to eat such boring food items on a daily basis. Yet, my urge to eat healthy and lose weight and keep it off remains strong. It was a DILEMMA!… READ MORE


Healthy Snacking Habits? Is there such a scenario?

I have always struggled with the habit of snacking in between meals. I crave for something to chew on, or bite on. It is almost like a borderline addiction for the need to be eating something in between each meals. It could be a slice of bread, a handful of nuts, or just a cup of coffee, as long as there is something entering my stomach, I feel that I desperately need it. I can’t seem to get around it, I have tried to keep myself busy, but ultimately, I will succumb to the temptation of snacking in between meals!… READ MORE


Mom said it best: Never Skip Breakfast! – 3 Quick Tips to Avoid Skipping Breakfast!

Most people may have heard this line thrown at you multiple times, “skipping breakfast is unhealthy”, “You must always eat more for breakfast”, “For breakfast, we should eat like a King”! these are quotes that pop up every once in a while to remind us about the importance of eating, what is often slated, as the most important meal of the day — BREAKFAST!!!… READ MORE

A Healthy Diet Starts With A Healthy Grocery Cart!

How do we get into a habit of consuming a healthy diet? You might be surprised, but it is rather straightforward, you begin with a healthy grocery cart! Allow me to elaborate further! To have a habit of consuming healthy food, it starts with the consistent habit of getting the right type of nutrition from the very beginning!… READ MORE


Avoid Stress Eating At All Costs!!!

Let’s be honest, most of us feel the stress of the 21st century lifestyle, everything seems to be faster paced. In many large cities around the world, people are moving at paces more rapid than ever before! The invention of the internet and smart phones increases the demand on the work force and consequently, results in higher stress levels at work. People are receiving more and more stress from their job, family, school, and friends simply because how globally interconnected we are nowadays. Most people are stressed out by their jobs, relationships, and other matters in life- And quite commonly, many, will turn to the one universal thing to ‘heal’ themselves, FOOD or otherwise what we know as in this article as STRESS EATING… READ MORE