Weight Loss through Simple yet Disciplined Exercises

Here is the basic equation to a sustainable weight loss: Proper Diet + What Is Resistance Exercises + Good Nutrition + Adequate Rest
Out of the equation above, exercise plays a major role in boosting the body’s metabolism (to burn fat) and building muscles. Throughout my weight loss journey, I was disciplined and stuck to a simple exercise formula… READ MORE

What is Resistance Exercises?

Resistance exercise are exercises that allows for repetitive contraction of your skeletal muscles. With resistant exercises, we typically use different types of weights: 1.Body weight 2.Free weights 3.Weight machines. It is these weights that allows for the muscle contractions and allows you to build muscle mass… READ MORE

How Often Should I Do Resistance Exercises?

In short, include at least 2 sessions of resistance exercise in a week. It is advisable to alternate muscle groups with each session, for example, train your chest and back on Monday, legs and abdominal muscles on Thursday. This allows for ample time for your body to rest. Try to have the least amount of rest in between each sets… READ MORE

Tips for Getting Started on Resistance Exercises

Tips for Healthy Resistance Exercise

  • Take it slow at first. Give your body time to grow accustomed to the intense workouts!
  • Use compound movements. The more muscles engaged, the better… READ MORE


My Most Recommended Workout Routine for Frequent Travelers- No Gym Equipment Needed!

As we have been told, losing weight is about creating a calorie deficit. In order to do so, we must watch our diet and nutrition intake as well as ensure that we consistently exercise throughout the week! However, with the globalization of businesses and the need for more frequent traveling for work, many of us face the prospect of giving up our exercise routine because of the need to travel for work!… READ MORE


A Simple Way To Multiply Your Weight Loss Effects- Find A Fitness Buddy!!!

Have you ever felt unmotivated with working out alone? Or perhaps you feel lonely in your weight loss journey? You are the only one with this weird diet and exercise regimen, whereas ALL your other friends are living it up and partying away? But yet you know you have to stick with your own routine to achieve your weight loss goals. Well you are not alone, many people have felt this way in the past. In fact I have experienced it myself, but not to worry, there is hope!… READ MORE