There is no easy short-cut to this. Bottom-line. You have to stay very focused on your goal of sustaining the weight loss!

With your diet, you have to keep away from sweet items, deep-fried food, and any high-fat content food served at home or if you are eating out.

The fact about sweet food and any of the aforementioned items above, is that no matter if it is one-single piece or a small bite. IT ALL ADDS UP! There is no escaping this fact! A single calorie is a calorie ultimately. You can have a bite here and a bite there, you may not feel it, but at the end of the day, you may have ended up consuming much more calories overall!

If you allow yourself one piece of cup-cake a day or some other comfort food each day. You are mentally telling yourself that it is “ok” to ‘cheat’ a little. This is not the ideal scenario if you want to maintain your weight that you lost earlier.

The mind have to be strong with this, what I highly suggest is to have the consequences in mind, think about what if I continued this unhealthy habit and became overweight and obese. I could end up having diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol issues, metabolic syndrome etc. Take it a step further and consider the impact of this on your lives… Perhaps, you will be staring at amputation with being diabetic (being unable to exercise), you need to have stents and bypass surgery if you have heart problems, likely to remain on many medications for life and these are all expenses!

Granted you could say that one could remain healthy and in shape but get in a car-accident or plane crash and all ends as well! But the whole deal about living life should be to be the best version of yourself!


With exercises, the key is to keep at your routine no matter the situation. (Unless you are sick and unwell, that would be a different case)

However, if you are perfectly fine and just feel lazy, don’t think about taking a day-off. This day-off could lead to two, then three, then four, and it just goes down hill. You get the idea…

Even if you are on a long-haul flight, you have seen the folks that get up and stretch, well there is nothing wrong with doing 40-lunges or 40-squats, any form of exercise counts. In fact, it could help you get better sleep if you exercised before the long-haul flight.

The fact is that, your body needs to consistently be challenged to keep the metabolism going. Which is why I feel that resistance exercise is an ideal way to combine with a high-protein low fat diet. Resistance exercise allows for continuous fat burning up to 36 hours after the actual work-out.

Therefore, do your very best to stick to your high-protein, low carbohydrate diet and stay persistent with your resistance exercise routine. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it. You could always mix up the types of delicious protein food (click here to check out some healthy recipes) and the types of exercises that you do!

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