A strong “WHY” to stay focused on the goal!

Ask yourself this very fundamental question and take a moment to ponder about the answer. Be truthful and honest, ask yourself, “What is the true reason behind this?”… READ MORE


How to keep weight off with having a strong and determined mind set?

Build and sustain a strong mind-set:

The focus on the topic above is “Keeping Weight Off” with diet and exercises. I have met quite a few people that have been through the “See-Saw” weight loss process, these folks are able to lose weight initially, but what they do not realize is that they may be losing water weight or even muscle mass instead of fat! Eventually, these weight that was initially loss returns as fat and they end up struggling even more with their weight moving forward. Hence, the “See-Saw” process of losing weight… READ MORE


Not Just Another Change In Diet/Exercise- This Is A LIFESTYLE!

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to develop those six-pack abs, and there are those that are able to resist all kinds of food temptation no matter how delicious or savory it is, or those that can consistently hit the gym three to five times a week without fail throughout the years? We may think that these people are very determined to stick to a healthy routine, but perhaps, it is as simple as making a lifestyle change!… READ MORE