Have you ever wondered why some people are able to develop those six-pack abs, and there are those that are able to resist all kinds of food temptation no matter how delicious or savory it is, or those that can consistently hit the gym three to five times a week without fail throughout the years? We may think that these people are very determined to stick to a healthy routine, but perhaps, it is as simple as making a lifestyle change!

What do I mean by a LIFESTYLE change? It means that those people that I described to you above- Those are the folks that make it their life to EAT HEALTHY, make it their life to EXERCISE on a DAILY basis, make it their life to have SUFFICIENT NUTRITION intake, make it their life to STAY STRONG MENTALLY,


Was it hard for them in the beginning? Perhaps. I may not speak on their behalf, but from my experience, it was far from easy.

The sudden change of your dietary habits will draw tons of cynical remarks and attempts to deter you from your weight loss goals and habits;

The sudden change of your exercise habits will draw smirks and ‘water-cooler’ talks and comments behind your back on how you are so desperate with trying to look-good;

The sudden switch to take in more nutrition through supplements will get people rolling their eyes at you and telling you that you are going overboard with things;

These are the things that I had to endure as I started my journey towards “Releasing” weight and keeping it off forever.

You will feel rejected at times, you will feel like the outcast that is trying to do something different from your circle of friends (You may have surrounded yourself with people with a less than ideal lifestyle to begin with), you will feel lonely with your new venture, these are things that you must be able to endure temporarily, UNTIL, your friends starts seeing the results, only with RESULTS, will you be able to RESPOND to their criticism, to their smirks, and laughter at you.

“Set a GOAL, know your WHY, stay the course, and take baby steps at a time to reach your destination.”


I would like to share 5 simple tips below to help make sustaining weight loss a lifestyle change, instead of “Just another diet or exercise plan”.

Tip #1: Stay away from “toxic” people; surround yourself with like-minded people!

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn had famously said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If the people around you hits the gym once a year and is constantly posting pictures of cakes on Instagram and deciding where is their next fast-food joint to hit-up, you will never be able to achieve your goal of ‘releasing’ the weight and leaving it off forever!

It may be tough in the beginning, but if you value your health and well-being in life, you will understand that this is a step that must be taken. Consider sharing about your weight ‘release’ goals and plans with your close friends, if they are supportive, start on this journey as a group! But if they are not, it is time to leave them aside for the time being and pursue your goals!

I am not advocating that you stop being friends with them, but rather, ask for some time alone over the next 2 months, tell them that you have something important to achieve and you need to focus on it. Return in two months and show them how different you are with the weight that you ‘released’ and the new-you!

Tip #2: Want to look better instantly? There is no better way than to shed your body fat!

Here is the most inexpensive way to actually be able to look good, sexy, and appear more attractive to others- Exercise regularly, really watch your diet, and nutrition intake and ultimately, LOSE THE BODY FAT!!!

Losing body fat will truly enable you to appear more attractive to the opposite sex (or same sex, whatever floats your boat…). Have you seen the before and after pictures of movie stars? Pick Matt Damon for instance, you could search for pictures of Matt Damon being obese and out of shape just to play a role in the movie “The Informant”. Many girls/guys may not find him attractive when he is in this state.

On the other hand, after losing a ton of weight and back to his usual ‘Jason Bourne’ hunky-self, girls continue to swoon over him.

If you are serious about wanting to look attractive, start paying attention to your body fat level, and start building those muscles with the right type of resistant exercises. Most will find themselves starting with a body fat% that is over the normal limit, which is 10% to 20% for guys and 20% to 30% for women. To have a ripped ab, toned body, and sharp facial features, you must lose the body fat and build muscles at the same time.

Typically, your weight loss is determined 70% by your diet and nutrition intake and 30% by the amount of exercise you do.

Tip #3: Learn to say ‘No’ to things that could make you gain weight.

Aside from having a strong reason on why you want to lose your weight, be it for health reasons or just for the sake of wanting to look better or sexier, you must have the discipline and the ability to say ‘No’ when it is necessary!

You will have friends that will consistently be posting pictures of fattening food they are eating and consistently tempt you by asking you out for desserts and high caloric meals instead of spending time in the gym working on building your muscles and burning those stubborn body fat.

Truth be told, it is not impossible to commit to change your diet for a healthier lifestyle, it is not impossible to persevere with doing 30-minutes of exercises each day and consume the right type of nutritional supplements. All you need is to have a fixed mindset on what you want to achieve and learn to say “No” to all the things that would lead you away from your goals!

Tip #4: Make more conscious choices with food

Start with realizing how much effort it takes to lose 1% or 2% of body fat by consistently working out at the gym each day. Do this for a week, then before you stuff your face with a double cheeseburger, think about all the sweat and effort that you put into your week at the gym… Just to be ruined by that one meal that you ate excessively.

In all honesty, all you have to do, is to stay from food with artificial sweeteners and flavorings, deep friend food, and overly fatty and starchy food like white bread and desserts. You can continue to enjoy healthy portions of meat and vegetables and a small amount of complex carbohydrates (whole wheat products). This will be sufficient to set you on the path of sustainable weight loss habits!

Tip #5: Eat that frog!… One Bite at a time!

Many people think that to lose weight, it is a paramount change that needs to happen. In fact, it takes baby steps, start by limiting the amount of sweet snacks during the day, stick with your pre-set daily limit and gradually decrease the amount until you can go a day without any snacks at all. Then proceed further with challenging yourself and see how many days you could go without snacks. Before you know it, it will become a habit NOT to consume any unhealthy snacks at all. If you find it difficult and you get hungry between meals, you may snack, but snack with a healthy choice of food.

With regards to exercise, start with 15 to 20 minutes of resistance exercises, then proceed to work up your number of repetitions that you do. Once you get to a set amount of repetitions that wears you out, stick with it and gradually increase the intensity, watch your form when you do each exercises. Make sure you are doing it the right way to get maximal effect of each of the exercises that you complete. And if you do not have access to any gym equipment or tend to travel often for work, there are exercises that are suited for the busy individuals.

With the above 5 tips in mind, make sure you make your weight loss routine a LIFESTYLE CHANGE!

The goal is for you to not have to re-visit the challenges of controlling your diet and forcing yourself to the gym for a workout session just to look good in preparation of that bikini photo-shoot or wedding that you will be attending.

Signing out for now, if you have any comments or queries, please leave me a comment below. Alternatively, feel free to send me an e-mail at merrell@sustainableweightlosshabits.com

Speak soon!

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