Introduction on Omron Karada Body Scan – HBF-375:

As I embark on my weight loss journey, it is important to be keeping track of certain metrics. Just like any job or any work function, when you go through a process improvement, you want a way to measure whether the new process is working.

The Karada body composition monitor does exactly that! For folks who are really serious about losing weight and keeping it off. It is crucial for you to know a few metrics, such as your weight (obviously!), body fat percentage, visceral fat, resting metabolism, and skeletal muscle ratio.

These are all important for tracking your weight loss progress. My favorite weight-loss scenario is to see my body fat and visceral fat percentage drop (along with my weight) coupled with an increase in skeletal muscle ratio. This means that I am losing the fat and increasing my muscle mass!

With the Karada Body Scan- HBF 375, these are the exact metrics you can be tracking on a weekly basis (or more often if you’d like to), and many more! (Includes tracking of Body Age, BMI etc.)

In addition, with being able to track the metrics mentioned above, I can tweak my diet/nutrition and exercise regimen on a weekly basis to ensure that I am gaining muscles and losing the fat as intended.


Overview of Omron Karada Body Scan- HBF-375:

My overall score: 9 out 10

Brand Name: Omron- Karada Scan- Body Composition Monitor

Model Number: HBF-375

Product Descriptions:

  • Step on analyser
  • Readings includes: Body fat percentage, visceral fat percentage, subcutaneous fat percentage, resting metabolism, body age, body mass index, skeletal muscle percentage
  • Allows memory storage (up to 90 days!) of readings mentioned above for up to four individuals (allows you to track your weight loss efficiently)
  • Comes with an operator manual and four AA batteries

Price: USD$169.32

Guarantee: 1- year warranty

Who may find this useful: Suitable for you if you intend to track your weight loss progress by tracking body weight, body fat percentages, visceral fat percentages, body mass index, and many more!

How the Omron Karada Body Scan- HBF-375 works?

Water content within the body tends to accumulate in the legs during the day. In the morning and during dusk, body resistance distribution changes as the water proportion in our upper body and lower body changes.

The Karada body scan measures whole body resistance by using electrodes of both hands and both feet. Therefore, it is less subject to variation of water content distribution within the human body.

The correct way to take a measurement using the Omron Karada Body Scan- HBF-375:

Best time to take measurements using the Omron Karada Body Scan- HBF-375:

According to the manufacturer recommendations, it is best to be taking a measurement after you get up and at least 2 hours after consuming any food. (e.g. breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks)

In my own experience, I have tried to remain as consistent as possible by only taking measurements on a selected day (e.g. Fridays) after I wake up in the morning. I have found that, by having a consistent time and day of measurement, it will likely cut down on ambiguity towards your results.


The ups and downs of the Omron Karada Body Scan- HBF- 375:


  • The fact that it allows for storage of metric data up to 90 days helps with the weight loss tracking process.
  • It allows you to view your previous readings and you can calculate the percentage loss of body fat, visceral fat etc.
  • It is light and portable, you can bring it almost anywhere and have other family members try it out to encourage them to do the same (lose weight together!)



  • Some units received may display information in Japanese (Mine was in English, and the instruction manual is in English as well, thankfully)
  • It tends to auto-shut off once in a while or when it remains idle for approximately 10 seconds


My overall view on the product:

The Omron Karada body composition monitor is an easy, and simple to use tool to monitor and track my weight loss progress. And as I progress throughout the weeks, I am able to tweak my diet and nutrition plans (e.g. add more protein) or adjust my exercise levels to achieve the weight loss goals I desire (lose fat, gain muscles!)

The reason I would give it a 9 out of 10 is because the price was a little on the expensive side. But it is definitely value for money. Your alternative is to use body composition scans that may be available at your gym. But I tend not to have good experiences with those as it is often either found to be faulty or unclean at times. Hence, having my own personal weight loss tracking device and being able to share it with family and friends makes a huge difference!

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