Tips for Healthy Resistance Exercise


  • Take it slow at first. Give your body time to grow accustomed to the intense workouts!
  • Use compound movements. The more muscles engaged, the better. Isolation movements are less effective overall.
  • Find the balance between push and pull. “Push” is all about the chest and triceps, but “pull” focuses on the back and biceps.
  • Train at the right frequency. Training the same muscles too often leads to reduced muscle growth and can increase your risk of burnout. Give your muscles between 48 and 72 hours to rest between resistance training.
  • Have a plan. Hit your resistance exercise hard, and you’ll see better results.
  • Work with the right weight. Too heavy, and you won’t reach your rep goals. Too light, and your muscles won’t make progress in terms of strength, tone, mass and/or endurance.


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